You can break this into two sections. Firstly we need to export the information out of SportsTG and the next step is importing into Tidy.

  1. Head to the SportsTG article and follow the steps to gather the data and export it out of their platform. Ensure that the 'Report Output' is Email: which will email the report as a text file, suitable to be imported and modified in Tidy. 
  2. We need to ensure that the fields that were exported out of SportsTG (the columns in your CSV spreadsheet export) can be matched up with a field in Tidy. 
  3. Create as many Custom Fields as you need under the Organisation Settings > Custom Fields to ensure you can match them on import. 
  4. Once custom fields have been established we can head to the Contacts > Import Contacts section. Selct the CSV. Choose a Contact Group to upload to (this can be temporary if you like, but often we suggest a format such as <year><team/group name> for example 2018 Players 
  5. Make sure you map every column to a field within Tidy. 
  6. For children who don't have their own email addresses please match their (parents) email to the field 'Parent/Guardian Email' this way we won't overwrite members of the same family and group them under the one adult with the email address. 

If you find you need to import additional information later, you just need to ensure that First Name, Last Name and Email all match.

We also have a Smart Group called Possible Duplicates where we illustrate any possible duplicates that may be in your account and you can easily merge them. 

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