Pages is a tool for adding web pages and even menu items to your existing TidyHQ site's Public Facing Pages.

You don't need to know any HTML or coding to use Pages. Here is the full webinar on using Pages or you can keep reading 👷‍♀️

Once you've added the app you're ready to create! 

Adding a New Page

Each new page will have these functions/features:

  1. Page Title
    This is the main heading of the page.
  2. Permalink
    This is the address or URL of the new page.
  3. Menu Item
    You can attach Pages to existing Menu items or create new Menu items, as required (discussed more below).
  4. Page Content
    All the information you want to share can be added and edited with the visual toolbar (headings, formatting etc)
  5. Add Attachment
    A file, uploaded from your local computer, can be added to a page.
  6. Who Can See
    This setting limits the visibility of a page:
  • Anyone - page is viewable and public
  • Organizational admins - can be used to display information only to admins (who would need to be logged in to TidyHQ)
  • Contacts/Groups - only visible your specifically listed contacts and/or groups (who would need to be logged in to TidyHQ)

Draft pages can be kept unpublished.

Note: when child pages are created, the top level menu item (parent) is migrated to the child list.

This information will then appear in the website as:

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