Issue Symptoms

When bulk importing users into TidyHQ via CSV upload, dates are formatted incorrectly (also see note at the end). 


  • CSV is opened in Microsoft Excel.
  • Date format is entered in dd/mm/yyyy, but Excel changes the year format to be two digits.
  • For example, 08/09/16 listed in the CSV shows up as "September 8, 16" on the imported user's profile.


The appropriate formatting for dates should be "dd/mm/yyyy". By default, Microsoft Excel changes the number of digits in the year from four down to two. You need to modify the formatting so that all four digits are included when saving your file. To do this, take the following steps: 

  1. Open your file in Microsoft Excel
  2. Right-click the column containing dates
  3. Select "Format cells"
  4. Click "Date" under Number >> Category
  5. Ensure the Location (Language) is set to be United Kingdom (English)
  6. Select formatting that shows the date in the dd/mm/yyyy format

Note: There might be an issue for Australian vs US date formats. To ensure you get dinky di g'day mate dates...format the cells as dd-mmm-yyyy (that is, use the dash or 'minus' character).
So, if you want:
3 Nov 1963 (or 3/11/63) formatting use dd-mmm-yyyy. Bonza.

Alternatively, you can create the CSV in Google Sheets, which does not alter the formatting of dates. Once the data is entered into Google Sheets, you can download the CSV by going to File >> Download as >> Comma-separated values (.csv current sheet).

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