April has been a huge month for the contacts table – we're on the way to enabling admin to have way more control over their contacts and be able to see who they want to see based on all the important fields recorded against contact profiles. We've also started laying the foundations for a better Dashboard - giving you the ability to sit down with your team around the same calendar and plan your year. We've started with adding the ability to add tasks from the dashboard, but we've got more on the way!

New Features

Advanced Filters - Better reporting on your Contacts

We've added a bunch of powerful filters to the contacts table that will help you generate a large range of valuable reports to get better control over your contact data. Ever struggled to find people in your database that hadn't completed a particular registration? Want to message all the members that are due to expire shortly? You can now filter those people, group them and send them a message in a workflow that takes seconds rather than minutes. Check out the new 'Advanced Filters' tab on the contacts table and let us know what you think.

Take control of your contacts with Advanced Filters.

Ability to add tasks from the dashboard calendar

When you're planning things out for your organisation or just want to have a higher level view of what's going on, it's useful to be able to block things in quickly and create some structure. This is the first step, of a few, we're taking to help you do this with TidyHQ. You can now create tasks directly from the Dashboard Calendar making it even faster to record things that need to get done (meetings and events coming soon). Select a day in the calendar to open the 'New Task' panel to create a task on the day you've selected - stay organised!

Better planning with Tasks directly from the Dashboard.

Upgraded Dashboard Calendar

‍Some days are busier than others, so we've updated the calendar to work a lot better on those busier days by handling the overflow a lot better. You can now select 'more' to show overflowing items on any given day.

Better overflow management for the Dashboard calendar.

Bugs & Fixes

  • Basic trials now show when they're going to expire on the billing page
  • Improved spam email filtering - we've added improvements to our 'spam catcher' (technical term) reducing the risk of you getting spam emails forwarded on from TidyHQ
  • Fixed task follower emails - followers of tasks now get email updates as expected
  • Child profiles with the same email address as the parent now show up in trash as expected
  • Added SSL to support.tidyhq.com keeping your support docs nice and secure

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