To pay for a plan you now have two options under Billing > Payment Methods: credit/debit card (all customers) or direct debit through your nominated bank account (Australian customers only).

If you wish to pay by Credit Card or Direct Debit you'll require an active credit or debit card to be listed under the Payment Methods tab or to add your Bank Account details. To choose either of these options head over to the Payment Methods tab within Billing. Billing is an option found in the main menu.

Payments will be drawn from your existing TidyHQ Credit balance first and then from the active card (if you have selected the credit card option) or from your Bank Acc for Direct Debit. Any charges will send a notification to your listed Billing Contacts found in the Contacts tab.

However, if you wish to pay by direct debit (Australian customers only), you will need to remove your credit card details first and then insert the required information into the Bank Account option.

You will be able to view any transactions under the History tab. 

The History tab records both changes in balance with TidyHQ Credit and any charges to the nominated payment method.

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