Note: This method is also applicable for Web Pages.

To display your images (or link to documents or files), you first need to upload them to a server - the easiest way to do this is to use Storage.

See these articles first:

Once we have uploaded our image to Storage we need to copy the "Share Link" to the clipboard.

Then, when we edit our page where we want to insert the image, place your cursor where you want the image to appear and select the Insert Image icon.

  1. The URL is the Share Link of your image from Storage
  2. Alternative Text helps screen readers interpret your page
  3. If you don't select an Alignment, your image will appear next to text but there might be a lot of spacing issues.
    Left alignment will put the image on the left and wrap the text to the right of it, and
    Right alignment will...wrap the text to the left of the image.
  4. The weird Latin text is just to give a preview of how your image will look - it won't appear on your page.

Our image now appears in position on the Home Web Page

Note: Same procedure (getting file's locations from Storage) applies to documents, and other media files.

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