PayPal Deprecation Notice: As of December 2019 the PayPal Payment Gateway will not be supported by the TidyHQ Platform.

If your Organisation is charging a fee for membership / tickets / merchandise, the payment made based on the online transaction amount.

TidyHQ Fee = 1.5% + 30c

Stripe* Fee AUD 1.75% + 30c

Paypal* Fee AUD 2.4% + 30c

Example (in Australian Dollars) using Stripe:

So, an Organisation may have $100 membership

TidyHQ Fee would be 1.5% of $100 + 30c, so, $1.50+30c=$1.80).

$100 - $1.80 = $98.20

The member purchasing the membership is always charged the amount you have published $100.00. We no longer allow the adding of fees on top as many customers didn't like it and some laws no longer allow this practice to happen. All fees need to be included in the ticketed price. 

The Stripe fee is then taken from the $98.20

Stripe Fee on $98.20 (1.75% + 30c = $2.0185)

$98.20 - $2.0185 = $96.18

So, $96.18 is cleared by Stripe this amount is moved to the Organisation's bank account.

It is important to note that the banks, Stripe and PayPal all round their fees to various decimal places - in other words while we have a good guess at what they are they are occasionally rounded in the other direction. If you do see this, we have not taken the wrong amount but simply illustrated it incorrectly - please add Deposit/Expense to reflect the rounding. 

  • Stripe and PayPal Fees vary from country to country (and in the case of PayPal, from account type to account type). At the time of writing this article, the Australian Stripe fee is 1.75%+30c and the basic PayPal (credit or debit card) charge is 2.4%+$0.30 per transaction. If you're in a country other than Australia, please check the Stripe and PayPal sites for details about your location.

Note: In Australia, the American Express Stripe fee is 2.9% (not applicable to the US).

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