When a Contact logs in, they'll be able to see all their details at a glance, including their Schedule, Memberships, Transactions and their personal information.
Note: A Contact cannot see any other Contact's details via their profile.

Once logged in, the following options are available:

1. Profile

The Contact's information is presented as Contact Details, Custom Fields and the remainder of the Profile (optional) data.

The Contact can easily update their details, such as address etc.

Note that as an Admin, the ability of Contacts to be able to update Custom Fields can be managed.

2. Schedule

In the Contact's Schedule, they can view any Sessions (and change their attendance information, if required), Meetings and Events they have nominated to attend.

3. Memberships

The Contact can view, and if appropriate, renew their Membership or select further Membership Levels (if available).

4. Transactions

The Contact may also view their Transactions and payments (for Events, Membership etc), view receipts and even update their Credit Card details (optional).

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