There are two ways to attach documents (or other files) to your Pages:

  1. As attachments
  2. Linked to Storage

Adding Files as Attachments

At the bottom of the Page details you can add Attachments.

Select "Browse" and choose the file from your local or network (if applicable) hard drive.

Note: The link to the file will appear as the file name - so a explanatory filename assists the visitor to the Page to choose the correct file (as shown in the graphic below).

Adding links to Storage

Upload the document or file to your Storage area.

Obtain the Share Link of your file by clicking on the name of the file in the Storage area:

  1. Go to your Page that you want to add the link to and highlight the text to be linked, then;
  2. Select the Link command from the toolbar, and;
  3. Paste your Storage link into the URL field.

The text is now a link to your required document or file.

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