Gathering and analysing data is an important step to help your team make informed decisions. While TidyHQ provides you with the power to track and report on events, memberships and finances you can now track data on your TidyHQ site by using the Google Analytics App.

Wait, what's Google Analytics?

Google Analytics can help you find out the nitty gritty data details.

It's the industry standard analytics tool that helps you collect and analyse your web data. It helps you understand who's visiting your site and track their online behaviour. This is a simple way to gather valuable information to assess and improve your team's communication and marketing efforts.

If you haven't already set up a Google Analytics account, head over to Google Analytics to get one.

Once you have a Google Analytics account you can add your tracking code to your TidyHQ account. It's super simple.

How to add your Google Analytics Tracking Code to TidyHQ:

1. Install the Google Analytics Add-on

1.1 Log in to your TidyHQ account, go to the Dashboard and from the left-hand menu select Add-ons.

1.2 Find Google Analytics and click the Add App button, and then Add on the next pop up screen.

2. Get your Google Analytics (GA) Tracking Code via your GA Dashboard.

2.1 Open your Google Analytics dashboard, open the Admin tab and under the Property area select 'Tacking Code'.

(If you haven't already set up a Google Analytics account, head over to Google Analytics to get one.)

2.2 Copy your Tracking ID (or write it down on your trusty note pad) ready to save in TidyHQ.

3. Save your Tracking Code in your TidyHQ Google Analytics Add-on settings.

3.1 Now go back to your TidyHQ site.

3.2 Go to your Google Analytics Add On, and select Settings from the menu.

3.2 Add your Google Analytics Tracking ID into the box and click Save.

That's it! Data will start being recorded into your Google Analytics account straight way!

Happy Analysing 📈

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