Some fields with TidyHQ do not have the visual editor, but still allow rich text (or HTML) to be added. e.g. the "About this Meeting" field in Meetings.

To add a link to a document (or other file in your Storage area), you can use HTML.

There are two main parts to a link tag: the text a user can click, and the web address (URL) they go to if they click it:

A basic link in HTML looks like - <a href="URL">Text that the user can click</a>

So, if we wanted to add a link to a file in our Storage area:

  • copy the Shared Link.
  • add your text to a field
  • add your basic link HTML around the text e.g.
    <a href="">Document for discussion</a>

So this:

Will look like this (when saved) with a link to your document in the details:

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