If you've tried to add a YouTube video to a web page before you'll know how tricky it can be.

The first time I added a video to our page it appeared like this image below...

That's right, there's no video at all just gobbly goop! 👻 

After figuring out how to fix this, the video was actually covering other sections of our page 😠 and on mobile the right side of the video was completely off the screen 😧 !

I hope you'll benefit from my learnings and make a beautiful page with perfectly embedded and responsive videos for your members and visitors to enjoy 😄 .

How to correctly add a YouTube video into your TidyHQ page

Step 1

Copy the Share link from your YouTube video

Step 2

Go to http://embedresponsively.com/ and paste your YouTube link there

Step 3

Click Embed and copy the Embed code that appears under your video

Step 4

Go to the editing area of your TidyHQ Public Facing Page
Click 'Source' (it's on the right side of all the editing options)

Paste the video text you just copied into your page

Step 5

Click Save and voila!

Have a look at your public page to check it out!

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