Cash Flow Report

When you’re getting ready for your next meeting, and people need to know what’s happening with the finances in your organisation, jump into finances and get a report organised in a few seconds. 

Cash Flow illustrates where your money is coming from (income), where it’s going (expenses) and how much of it is Tax. This report also breaks down your categories, letting you see exactly what sources of income and expenses you have. 

Filter the report by selecting the period you want to report on. We’ve set up a couple of pre-defined periods to keep things easy; This Financial Year, Last Financial Year, This Month and Last month. But if that’s not specific enough for you, select Custom range to set your own date range.


Share your cash flow report to your admin team to keep them up to date with your organisations income and expenses. 

To get ready for your next meeting – filter the report to display the information you want to talk about and then hit share. 

Tip: Just incase you’ve invited someone, but they can’t find the link – flick them the Report URL and if they’re on the list, they’ll be able to view the report. 

When you share a report with an admin, they’ll receive a message with a link to view the report but they’ll need to log in before they can see it. 

Sharing a report with an admin gives them access to a secure view of the report. Sharing a report does not give them access to other parts of finances.

Shared Tab

Keep track of the reports you’ve shared and who you’ve shared them with. To update who you’ve shared a report with, select the date and then hit the share button on that report. Admin’s you’ve shared the report with will be displayed in the Shared With list.

Other Options

Export CSV

Spreadsheets are the worst, but if you really want all the data and a bit of extra control you can export the report as a .csv and then use it in your favourite spreadsheet program. 


Before you print, is there another way you can share this with your team? If there really isn’t any other way but to print we kept this in for you. You can use your browsers print settings to switch the layout between landscape or portrait and anything else you want to customise.

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