It's easy to collect custom information for each ticket order. First you need to set up each request as a Custom Field. A custom field is exactly as it sounds, a field that you customise. We've seen it used for all sorts of purposes like requesting coaching accreditation, uploading certificates, choosing a meal for the event from a provided list, you can begin to see how diverse its uses are!

Part A - How to set up a Custom Field

Step 1

Log in to the Dashboard if you aren't already and go to Organisation Settings.
Note, you must have 'Organisation Admin' user permissions to access this area.

Step 2

Select 'Custom Fields'

Step 3

Select 'Add Custom Field'

Step 4

Fill in the boxes and select 'Save.'

More information on Custom Fields can be found in the article
Custom Fields.

Part B - Add Ticket Field Options

Step 1

a) Already created your event? Open your event for editing. Go to Events > Upcoming Events and select 'Edit'.
b) Haven't created your event yet? Start creating a new event. Go to Events > 'New Event'.

Step 2

To request a custom field to be filled out when ordering a ticket, go to Tickets.
Next to Ticket Field Options select the box 'Add Field Option'.

You'll see all your custom fields here.

Now all you need to do is select which ones and if they are optional or required.

Step 3

Make sure to save your event and bingo! You're done!

We hope your event is a success!

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