The Storage area in TidyHQ is an excellent place to store your procedures, constitution or images.

It also stores images used in Events, Finances, Communications, Meetings, Tasks and Sessions. (images are automatically saved in the folder under the date).

You can also share the links to files or use in emails.

Adding Folders and Files
The only place you can manually add more folders is the Files section. All other areas are automatically populated from attachments that are added as you create meetings, invoices etc.Β 

Naming conventions are obviously open to debate, but an easy one that we use is <Year> - <Area> Β so for example I would head to Files > Actions > Create Folder and call it '2017', I would then Action > Add New Folder for all the different areas that my organisation has such as Marketing, Finance, Sponsorship etc.Β 

Check out Adding Links or Images from Storage for a better method than adding attachments to clog up your Contact's email!

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