Trashing an email is deleting the email forever. We ask that you be very careful when doing this as Emails can be a part of your Correspondence both Inwards and Outwards and therefore part of the records that are required to be kept.
However, we do use this as a method of contact and there are always conversations that are just that so we don't need some of them kept.
Go to communicate and select which email you have decided may be trashed. Inbox, Sent Box etc.

Select the email you are sending to Trash and go to the little cog to the right and click on the down arrow. This box will drop down.

Select Move to Trash and this box will Pop up.

We are just double checking with you first before you permanently delete the email. If you still wish to go ahead click on OK and the email will be permanently deleted.
Note. Archives cannot be trashed only restored.

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