If you wish to delete a Contact, you can select Move to Trash from within their details.

What happens when you delete a contact?

  1. Any user permissions (under Users & Roles) are deleted. The Contact is unassigned from Roles
  2. Removed from any Groups they belong to
  3. Removed from meetings (Attendees/Apologies)
  4. Unassigned from any outstanding Tasks
  5. Unassigned from meeting topics
  6. Cancels any outstanding / unpaid finances (Invoices/Expenses)
  7. Cancels active memberships and removes contact from memberships
  8. Removes any family

Note: The contact is never deleted completely as there needs to be a record against any existing transactions for the contact under finances. However, for all purposes of the platform they will appear deleted.

Restoring Contacts from Trash can be performed if you want to re-add the contact to your organisation.

If you need to permanently delete a contact, get in touch with the Tidy Team. 

Tip: Rather than deleting a Contact, consider removing the contact from any Groups and Memberships (and if required, Unsubscribe them from Organisation emails), and this will preserve their information but remove them from Membership Reports and Group emails etc.

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