The TidyHQ platform revolves around Contacts. A Contact can be anyone, and they may for a time hold a valid membership (and be called a Member), they may be a sponsor, supporter, supplier or any other type of stakeholder, they can also be part of or tagged into multiple Contact Groups. 

It's important to understand this concept as you move through the platform and particularly when you are looking to add Members.

Contact > +New Contact
is where all personal details are entered into the TidyHQ platform.  To bulk import your Contacts from a spreadsheet click on Contacts > Import Contacts and follow the prompts (make sure you setup your Custom Fields first!).

This also means that a Contact can be part of an organisation without having to be a member or part of a group.


Admins are the bulk of the Organisation committee members or extended staff. They are assigned permissions and interact with end customers and members as needed to run the various aspects of your Organisation.

The Admin's role and privileges in TidyHQ are defined by administrators and may include the following:

An Admin can be removed as an Admin but they will still have their details remain in the Contacts database for future interactions.


Members are simply Contacts that have a valid Membership for a specific length of time. At the end of that Membership period they can either choose to renew the membership or it expires (but they will always be a Contact). To provide a Contact with a Membership you must first setup Membership Levels .

Once these Membership Levels have been setup you can start adding New Members to them. You can also bulk import Contacts to a Membership Level - just ensure that a Contacts Group exists before you begin.

Memberships > +New Member > choose the Membership Level and either select an existing contact or +Add a New Contact. This also allows you to choose whether membership fees have been paid or an invoice needs to be raised and emailed to the new member.

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