When enabled, Contact IDs are auto-generated incremental numbers that are assigned to every contact when they are added to TidyHQ. Note, though commonly called Member Numbers, these IDs are not specifically related to memberships.

Contact IDs are a useful way of generating Member Numbers as people register for your platform.

Enabling Contact ID

To start generating IDs for new contacts, you'll first need to enable it under Organisation Settings.

Once enabled. You can set a Prefix which will be applied to the front of each Contact ID generated. Adding a prefix is optional.

If you're coming from an existing membership system or already have membership numbers or IDs in place, you can set the Next ID Number to a number that works for you. This number is updated every time a new ID number is assigned to a contact.

Contact IDs are only editable by Admins. Contacts are unable to update their ID and have a read only version displayed in their Contact Profile.

Note: Contact IDs are not Unique
To keep Contact IDs as flexible as possible, they're not treated as unique. This means it is possible to have different Contacts with the same ID.

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