You can customise the information on your invoices and expenses using the fields at Organisation Settings > Finance Settings > Invoices, Expenses and Deposits.

  • Organisation Number - e.g. This could be a Government identification number like a business or company number, such as an (AU) ABN, (EU) VAT number, or (US) EIN.
    This number, if used, will appear below your Organisation's name and address in the "From" section of the Invoice
  • Number Prefix - will sit in front of all future Invoice numbers (use of a prefix is optional).
  • Next Number Starts From - If you already have an invoice number system you can jump to start it from there… for example you may wish to start it from 20150001 … the next invoice number will be 20150002 and so on.
  • Footer Information - This information will be seen in the footer of all PDF documents generated by TidyHQ for your organisation. Use this area to add a generic disclaimer or sales tax information for your invoices.
  • Payment Information - Use this area to add your bank details or other payment information when paying invoices via PDF.

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