Delete a contact from a group

If you no longer require a Contact's information saved in a particular Group, you can either remove the Contact or even delete the Group.

Note: Some system Groups cannot be deleted. These are Sponsors, Suppliers and Supporters.

How to remove a single Contact from a Group

Go to Contacts > Group and select the group the Contact belongs to. You can delete a specific contact by clicking on the blue square with a white dot. This only removes the Contact from the Group.

You can also remove a Contact from a Group via the Contact's details and editing their Group details.

Delete a whole Group

If you no longer need the particular Group information (e.g. from a past Event) you can delete the Group.

This will only delete the Group itself, NOT the Members or Contacts within the Group.

Delete a Contact

If you wish to delete a Contact, you can select Move to Trash from within their details. This will delete all their associated information.

Note: Rather than deleting a Contact, consider removing the contact from any Groups and Memberships, and this will preserve their information but remove them from Membership Reports and Group emails etc.

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