To Delete a Membership Level:

Step 1

Before deleting a Membership Level you'll need to ensure there are no Active or Partial Members currently in that Membership, otherwise you won't be able to delete it!

The article Cancelling Multiple Memberships will show you how to view a list of Active and Partial Members and if required, cancel them. 

Step 2

If there are no Active or Partial Members, go to Memberships > Membership Levels

Step 3

Click/select the name of the Membership Level you want to remove.

Step 4

Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the Delete button on the right. Select Delete and confirm the action.

Note: If the Delete button is disabled it cannot be deleted because there are current Active or Partial Memberships in this level. The Membership Level cannot be deleted until they are removed.

That's it! You've successfully deleted the Membership Level.

Having trouble removing a Membership Level?

To delete any Membership Level, there must be no Active or Partial Members attached to it.

The below example cannot be deleted because there are Active and Partial Members still within this level. This is indicated by the green and blue labels saying "Active" and "Partial".

To find who is Active or Partial on a Membership Level head to Memberships > Reports and look up a report for the Membership Level you need.

From this list you can cancel each Contact's Membership. Once they are all cancelled you will be able to Delete the Membership Level.

This article, Cancelling Multiple Memberships explains this process in a few steps.

Want to move Members to a new Level? Follow this article, Move a group from one Membership to another.

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