Get started with your first membership level. A full description of each field/setting is described here:

Membership Details

1. Membership Name  

Everything needs a name. 

Tip: If you're planning on having new memberships each year, prefixing the level name with the year will help keep things easy to follow in the future and make reporting clearer e.g. 2018 General Membership 

2. Membership Description

The membership description appears on your public page providing all the details about the membership level.
This field is optional.

Membership Pricing

3. Membership Type

Rolling Membership

Rolling memberships start when they are registered and will need to be renewed at the end of the membership period when they expire. Use rolling memberships when you want your membership to start as soon as members register.
For example A 3 month rolling membership, will start on the date of registration – the 03 March 2018 – and will expire (require renewal) 3 months later – 03 May 2018.

Fixed Membership   

Fixed memberships start on a specified start date. This means that regardless of when the members register, the membership starts on a fixed start date.
For example A 12 month fixed membership – 2018 Season Pass, starts on 05 January and expires on the 05 January 2019. If a member registers part way through 2018, their membership will still expire on the 05 January 2019. 

4. Length

The duration of the membership period. Depending on your membership type, the membership period will start when the membership is purchased (rolling), or on a specified date (fixed).

5. Individual/Family 

Individual memberships are for memberships where a single membership will be purchased.

Family memberships allow multiple people to register for a membership and allow different prices for adults and children.

  • Family memberships require at least one adult
  • Family memberships allow children to be optional (for example; a membership with only two adults)

6. Membership Price

The cost of registering for the membership. This price will include Gateway processing fees (and may or may not include tax).  

Note: You must have a payment system  (Stripe) set up before you can accept new paid memberships online via TidyHQ.  
Tip: When setting prices for family memberships, it's possible to create discount pricing by adding extra price tiers for additional members. 

Note:  if you wish to manually enter membership fees, then it is not necessary to set up a payment system and you can invoice your members and accept payment via direct debit or cash, depending on your preference.

7. Category  

Set the finances category this membership will be recorded against. Choose from list or add a new category as required. Categories can be viewed/managed in Organisation Settings under the Finance Settings tab.

8. Auto-Renew

Use auto-renew to setup recurring payments (subscriptions) for your membership level. This membership will renew automatically until the member (or an administrator) cancels the membership.   


  • A Stripe connection is required for Auto-Renew to work. PayPal is not supported for automatic recurring membership payments.  
  • In order for Auto-Renew to work your Visible To option can not be set to Admin Only


  • If re-enabling Auto-Renew for a membership level, all memberships of this level will start being charged again until canceled. 

Registration Form

9. Membership field options

Membership field options are the fields you want new members to fill out when registering. By default, first name, last name. and email is required on all registrations.  

Fields can be set as required, which are mandatory and will need to be completed to register. Optional fields are not needed to complete registration.  
Tidy comes with a list of default fields – if we've missed any, you can use custom fields to collect almost anything you need. 


  • If you can't find the field you want, add a new custom field. This option is found at the bottom of the fields dropdown list. 

New Member Data

10. Require Agreement

The waiver is a document outlining the legal responsibilities of the organisation and the member. If a waiver is required for a membership, the member will be required to accept the waiver to register for the membership.

  • Waivers are not sent to the member as part of the membership registration.   


  • Editing the waiver will update the waiver for this membership level only. Changing the default waiver text under Organisation Settings will only affect new membership levels created after the default text has been saved. 

Member Messages

11. Welcome Email

The welcome mail will go to the member when they successfully register.  
Tip: Editing the welcome email will only update the welcome email for this membership level. Changing the default welcome email text under Organisation Settings will only affect new membership levels.

12. Renewal Reminder Email

Renewal Reminders

A Renewal Reminder is sent to notify people that their membership is expiring. You can choose for this email to be sent a custom number of days before membership is due to expire. 

Please note that this option is now only available to membership levels which have been set to Public. If the membership level is set to admin only, renewal reminders will not be issued.

See image below.

You also now have the option to send an Expired Reminder message to those members who fail to renew their memberships by the due date at a specific number of days post expiry date, eg. 7 days. Simply check the box and type in the number of days of your choice.


  • If you have previously setup (before creating the Membership Level) either the Waiver, Welcome or Expiry emails in Organisation Settings, then these will be will be the "default" emails to appear in the Membership.


  • Editing the expiry email will only update the expiry email for this membership level. Changing the default expiry email text under Organisation Settings will only affect new membership levels. 

13. Renewal Success Email

Send Renewal Success

Let your member know they've successfully renewed their membership. This message gets sent every time their membership is renewed.

14. Expire Email

Notify On Expired

Notify your member when their membership is expired. 

Admin Notifications

15. Notify on Membership Updates

Get notified via email of updates for this membership including when new members register and other important events.

Access & Sharing

16. Visible to

Set the visibly of the membership level:  
Admins only Restricts visibility to only administrators – useful for testing.
Groups Only contacts in selected groups have access.  
Public Anyone visiting your public pages can view.


  • If Membership level is set to Admin Only  Auto-Renew will not work

17. Auto-add Member to Group

By default, we'll add registrations to the 'Members' group (just hit the cross to remove this if needed). You can add and remove any groups you like.    
Use auto-add member to group when you want to categorise new members easily and help keep track of things. In one example, we use auto-add member to group for a member approval process.

  • groups will need to be created before the membership level creation process begins.

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