The 'Visible to' setting allows admins to control who can see content. This includes Membership Levels, Shop Items, Public Pages, and Custom Fields. In Tidy, 'Visible to' is typically used for previewing and testing membership levels or shop items – it can also be used as a way to restrict content to members only or be used to create a membership approval process.

In general, there's three levels of visibility:

  1. Admins only
    Restricts visibility to only administrators – useful for testing.
  2. Groups
    Only contacts in selected groups have access. 
  3. Public
    Anyone visiting your public pages can view

Although 'visible to' behaves the same way across the platform, there's a small difference with Custom Fields.

Custom Fields Visible To

Admin Only
These fields will be visible to, and editable by, administrators only.

Public Profiles
Allows contacts to view and edit these fields – useful for when you want contacts to manage their own information. What admins see is what the contact sees in their profile. If a contact updates their field, the admin side field will be updated too.

Public Profiles – Read Only
Displayed like Public Profile fields, these Read Only fields will not be editable by the contact. Useful for fields that need to be viewed by the contact, but admins don't want being edited e.g. Membership Numbers.

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