Admins and Roles privileges in TidyHQ are defined by administrators and can be allocated in the Organisation Settings / Admin and Roles area.


Admins are typically the bulk of an Organisation's committee members or extended staff. They are assigned permissions and interact with end customers and members as needed to run the various aspects of the Organisation.

Admins, usually members of the committee but any contact/member, can be allocated Admin Rights to view and edit areas within your Organisation's TidyHQ.

Do Admin Rights expire?

Admin Rights do not have expiry dates.

If a Contact is granted special Admin Rights, the rights allocated are available to the Contact until altered or revoked by an Admin.


Roles are, effectively, jobs within your Organisation. You can use the set of default Roles that are provided in TidyHQ or you can create your own.

You can allocate Tasks to Roles, as well as print this list out and hand it out at your Annual General Meeting where positions are usually filled. This will help set expectations.

You can also set an email address to a Role (by ticking the allow for messaging box) which can then be enabled (as part of the Contact Us page) on your web site, this email will be diverted to the Admin whose name appears for that role email address.

Only Admins can be allocated to a Role.

The Responsibilities field when creating your own Roles requires either HTML or Markup for formatting such as bullets etc.

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