TidyHQ enables you to customise the emails sent to a Member when they join and/or when their Membership expires.

You can choose to have the same Waiver, Welcome Message, Membership Renewal Message, Expiry Reminder Message and Expired Membership Message for all membership levels at Organisation Settings / Memberships displayed under Memberships Communications


they can be overwritten for each Membership Level and edited for particular memberships at Memberships / Membership Levels and edit them  as required

The waiver is a document outlining the legal responsibilities of the Club and the member that your member signs as an agreement with your club.

In your Membership Levels, you can choose to de-select and therefore not have a Waiver sent to a new Member.


The Welcome message will go to the Contact when they join as a Member.

Expiry Reminder Mail

An Expiry Reminder is sent to notify people that their membership is expiring. We will also automatically notify them when their membership has expired on the end date of the membership.

Send Renewal Success

Let your member know they've successfully renewed their membership. This message gets sent every time their membership is renewed.

Notify On Expired

Notify your member when their membership is expired.

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