Within each Membership Level, you can set up automated reminders for expiring Memberships. 

Reminders can go out at a custom amount of days before the Expiry of their Membership.

To set this up simply go to:

  1. Memberships
  2. Select the Membership Level to edit
  3. Scroll to the bottom section called 'Notifications'
  4. Next to 'Send expiry reminder to Member' tick the check box
  5. Select the days for reminder
  6. Save

This will send an email to the member at your specified notice period.

Note: If you are using Inactive Membership Levels (for example, to manage "invitation only" memberships), these Contacts won't be able to view those Membership renewals in their Profile at this time.

How does this look to your Member?

They'll receive an email with the Membership details and a button to direct them to renewal. It'll look something like this:

The 'Renew membership' button will open up your TidyHQ Memberships page where your Member can complete the sign up process for their renewal.

Your member needs to log in (if they aren't already) and follow the steps to complete Membership sign up.

Once your member completes this process their membership period will be extended.

How does the extension work on the administration side?

Say for example, a member holds an annual membership that's expiring at the end of March on the 31st. They get a reminder notice that their membership is expiring and that it's time to renew. They pay for next year's membership before their current membership ends, so now effectively, they have two membership periods for the one membership level. TidyHQ will show this as membership subscriptions. One subscription expiring in March 2017 and a new subscription starting April 2017 ending March 2018.

You must have an active payment gateway set up for a paid Membership Level to appear on your TidyHQ public Membership page.

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