Step 1.

Go to Memberships > Reports.

Step 2. - Choose Reporting Criteria

a) Select the Membership Level in the dropdown box to show the list of Contacts under that Membership Level or leave it set as Membership Level to select all levels.

b) Select the membership status you are wanting to report on.
All -
All membership status levels
Active -
Currently a member.
Partial -
A member who has paid part of their membership fee or an expired member who has been sent an invoice for membership.
Expired -
Membership has not been renewed and has expired.
Cancelled -
Membership has been cancelled before expiry date.

c) Select if you are wanting Family, Adult or Child memberships displayed

d) Click on options to select from any other criteria that you may want included in your membership detail info and then be sure to click Search.

Step 3.

From here you can either Print a PDF report or Export a CSV file which you can then go on to use to present at board or committee meetings. 

Step 4.

If you need more information on any particular contacts membership than what the above shows you, you can do this by selecting the number of that contact in the left column.

From there you will see slightly more in depth membership details of that particular contact within the subscription box including when and what payments were made for current and past memberships. You can cancel Active or Partial membership subscriptions or add payment to Partial memberships. You can also see if there is a valid Auto-renew option for that contact.

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