What do they see?

Your Contacts will only see the the Public Facing Pages and, Events and Meetings,  if they are marked active and public
Using Pages, you may also make available certain information to Groups (e.g. specific Members group) or individuals (they must be logged in to see these options).
Once a Contact is logged in, they will then be able to access their own Profile.  
Note: To access the Admin side of your TidyHQ Account, a Contact must be given User Rights.

Contacts resetting their password

The Contact needs to login and select their TidyHQ Account Settings.

In the TidyHQ Account Settings the Contact can either change their password and even change the email address with which they login to TidyHQ.

Note: The TidyHQ Account email address may be different to that which the Contact receives communication from your Organisation. It's all explained here.

Members/Contacts viewing their Profile

Once logged in, Contacts are able to view their: 

  • Profile - contact email, phone number etc,
  • Schedule (Meetings, Events etc), 
  • Memberships - including their Membership's expiry date
  • Transactions - including viewing receipts
  • Invoices - any outstanding monies due


In this area, the Contact is able to edit any personal information (email, address, phone number etc).
The email address in their Profile is the one with which any communication from the Organisation will be sent (as all discussed here).


The Contact will be able to view their Schedule which will include information regarding any Tasks that have been allocated to them, Sessions (still in beta), Meetings they've been invited to and Events they will be attending.


Contacts will be able to view their Membership details and status.


Under Transactions, a Contact will be able to view any payments they have made and the receipts. 


If the Contact has any outstanding invoices, they will appear under Invoices which also displays the Due Date and a print option (that will give the full Invoice information).
Invoices can be paid by selecting the Pay Now button from this area providing the organistation has a connected payment option setup.

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