You can export your Member information in both PDF (for printing) and CSV (for viewing in a spreadsheet) format.

Go to: Memberships > Reports

By default, all Membership records of Active and Partial status are displayed with Membership Level, Contacts, Start and End Dates and Status.

You can, however, display and export the Contact's membership information you may require.

Select the Options> button.

Select the fields you require to be included in the Report - you can select and de-select any of the fields that are included in your Contact's profile (including any Custom Fields).

Once you've selected your required fields, click Search.

The Print button will create a PDF of the returned list.

The Export CSV button will create a CSV (spreadsheet) of your list and download it to your computer.

Using Reports to "Add to Group"

You can use Reports to find Members who, for instance, you may want to contact e.g. Expired Members.

In the example below, the Report shows Expired Members of a particular Membership Level. They can be added to a Group (in this case, "Expired Reminder") and then in turn, that Group can be used to email them to remind them to re-join or renew.

You can now use your Group to email as required.

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