Trash allows you to remove meetings that are no longer required to be in full view. For example you may have created a test meeting when having a look at how TidyHQ works.

The great thing about Trash is you can safely remove a meeting from the Meetings area and put it in Trash where it is kept. This means that if required it can be restored thus, protecting your records. This keeps governance simple.Β 

You can Trash a Locked Meeting, Saved Meeting or an Upcoming Meeting, and meetings with or without Attendees.

How to remove a meeting

Step 1

Go to Meetings, find the meeting to remove and select View Details.

Step 2

Select the down arrow to the right and you will see this pop down box.Β 

Select Move to Trash.

Step 3

a) You will be asked to confirm if you want to move the meeting to Trash.

b) If there are invitees to this meeting you are asked if you would like to send them an email notification. This will not notify them that the meeting has been moved to Trash, it will notify them that the meeting has been cancelled.

You will notice now that the Meeting is no longer in your Meetings section.

If you wish to check that it is in Trash you will find Trash under Organisation Settings.

It is not possible to completely delete items out of the Trash. This way you can remove the things you need to while keeping an automated system of governance. Too easy!

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