Go to Meetings > New Meeting

Fill in the relevant fields (you can tab as you go). When you fill  in the location details, Google will search for the location and if found a box will pop up which allows you to Set Location. Click on Save and the location map will be attached to your meeting details.
Note: if you only have a general location you can drag the red marker to the exact location if you wish.

Now to create your agenda. We have added some nice little additions in here, one being the ability to create Sub Topics.
When setting the Agenda topic and the time it should take you can actually set the time in increments, although the drop down box shows the time in increments of 5 mins you can type 2 or 7 or whatever time you feel is required for that particular Agenda item. 

Create your first Agenda Item and then put in the next Item. If this is a sub topic by tapping on the 3 dots to the left of the topic you will create a sub Agenda item

You will notice now that what was Item 2 in the above image is now slightly indented and is numbered 1.1

If you inadvertently make an item a sub item when it should be the main item;

You just tap on the 3 dots and it will reverse the action you took and put the Agenda Item in the right numbering for order. Note Above Sub Item 2.2 is now Item 3

You can also add files to the items by clicking on the Paperclip to the right
Note: Currently you can't upload a file to a Sub-Item.
If you have inadvertently made the Main item a sub-item and then reversed it you will not be able to add a file until after you have Created the Meeting, you can then go into Edit Meeting and attach the file.  
If for some reason you wish to abandon the meeting click on the back button and this box will pop up.

By clicking on the Yes, Exit without saving the meeting will be deleted at this stage.
Save your Meeting and Agenda by selecting Create Meeting.

2. The next job is to invite the attendees. Click on the Send Invites button:

And this box appears

 add your invitees and then click on the green Invite button. Your attendees will receive an email invitation to the meeting. When they click on the relevant button (Accept / Maybe / Decline) in the email, their answer will then put them in the relevant place (attendees/apologies, ?) in your minutes for you.

If you find you need to add more topics to your Agenda before the meeting you can do so by going to Schedule > Meeting and click on the View Details in the relevant meeting and then Edit Meeting

Alternatively you can delete an item if need be by hovering your curser just to right of the paper clip and a red X will appear by clicking on this you will delete the item.

If for some reason you wish to re-arrange the order of your Agenda by holding the curser on the 3 dots at the beginning of the item you can hold and drag the item to where you want it.

Too easy. Meetings just got made simpler for you by TidyHQ.

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