Inputting your minutes.

To start your meeting go to your Dashboard > Meetings > click on View Details

This will take you to this page where the minute taker opens the Agenda by clicking on Start Meeting.

Note: Once this is opened the person who has opened it will be the only one able to input any notes. To enable another person to take the notes you will need to Save Minutes and then have the new minute taker re-open the meeting by clicking on Edit Minutes.

The minute-taker can then record the minutes as the meeting progresses (other attendees need to press the Refresh button on their browser as required to see the updated minutes).This should also mean that your minutes are recorded faithfully with few or no errors. This is a great time-saver when it comes to accepting/passing the minutes from your previous meeting, as no corrections or amendments should be required.

You will notice that the Save Minutes button stays in view for each topic which means you can save as you go. However, every time you Save Minutes you will go back to this screen, just click Edit Minutes and you will be able to continue.

If your invitees haven't answered the invite however and they are attending the meeting, after all.,  Go to Start Meeting and click on the down arrow where a drop down box will appear click on Manage invitees

This will take you to here where you can then add their names.


Once your meeting is finished you are able to do several things:

  • Lock the meeting if you wish. (Note only Admins with meeting permissions can unlock a meeting). 
  • Share the minutes if you wish to do so now and all of the below.


Once you have locked your minutes you will see Share Minutes as the only menu showing.  However, by clicking on the down arrow this drop down box will appear and you will (if you have meetings permissions) be able to unlock the minutes if you wish.

Meetings have now become even smoother to conduct, record and save.

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