Family Links are created between contacts when purchasing family memberships or when a membership is purchased for someone else. They can also be created manually by admins via contact profiles. 

Link Types

There's three types of link types; Parent, Child and Adult.
Parent to Child is used for families with Children. Adult to Adult is used for couples or groups of adults. 

Parent to Child Links

When a parent profile is linked to a child profile. The adult profile has the ability to view and edit the child profile.

Note: Family links do not impact accounts (logging in to TidyHQ) only contact profiles. 

How Family Links are Created

When registering for family memberships – family links are automatically created between parents and children of the membership.

When registering a membership for someone else, the registrant manually selects the relationship between the registrant and the member. 

In the above example, Jordon is registering a Fixed General  membership on behalf of his Son. The family link is selected by Jordon as part of membership registration. He has selected Child – when the registration is complete, the link is created between Jordon's contact profile and his son's contact profile.

The admin view of Jordon's contact profile will display his Son as a family link: 

This will give Jordon  the ability to edit his Sons contact profile via the public profile area, shown here: 

Note: when Jordon updates details on his son's contact profile, it'll update your version of his son's contact profile in real time. Just as it would when editing his own profile.

Manually Adding Family Links 

You can manually add family links to contacts.

This is helpful for children who rely on their parents email address for communication.

  1. View your Contact's details and add Family Links:

2. Select the required Family member and choose the relationship (Parent, Adult, Child).

Warning: When creating Parent to Child relationships, it's important to understand that you will be giving the parent the ability to view and edit the child's contact profile. Take care when creating family links manually.

Note: for a spouse relationship, you would select "Adult".

3. The Contacts are now linked

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