Every TidyHQ account has a reputation and hourly quota. These two features help protect us from spammers that would otherwise send a lot of emails quickly, that could then damage the reputation of our sending servers and negatively affect other TidyHQ users.


TidyHQ uses many heuristics to define an account's reputation. We look at how many bounces, spam complaints, unsubscribes, and failed content reviews the account has to set the reputation value. So for example, the more bounces and spam complaints you see relative to your overall sending volume, the lower your reputation will be.

Hourly Quota

The hourly quota is how many emails you can send each hour. Any emails you send over the current hourly quota go into the account's backlog. The backlog is a temporary repository that holds any emails we can't send due to a lowered hourly quota. Emails are only stored in the backlog for up to 48 hours. After that, they're deleted from the account entirely.

The account's reputation informs the account's hourly quota but isn't the only factor we use. The type of account you have (how old it is, if you have a paid account), and your typical sending volume also affect the hourly quota. For examples accounts that have just signed up can send only up to 25 emails an hour. 

Paid accounts typically have a higher hourly quota based on average sending volume and reputation. For example, the more email you send on a frequent basis with fewer bounces, spam complaints, and failed content reviews, the higher your reputation and hourly quota.

Also, each time you send a higher volume than you normally do, there's a period of adjustment as TidyHQ learns about the new emails you're sending. If your account reputation remains good, the hourly quota shouldn't get in your way. If your account reputation is poor, your hourly quota won't increase as quickly as accounts with a good or excellent reputation.


  • We calculate the reputation and hourly quota for all accounts automatically, and cannot change either for you manually.
  • If you send more than your quota in an hour, we won't delete the mail. We'll just queue it for the next hour and then deliver it. Emails are only stored in the backlog for up to 48 hours. After that, they're deleted from the backlog and cannot be recovered.
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