Items found under Communication > Sent or the Inbox are all items that contribute towards your email quota. Emails about Invoices, Memberships, Event tickets, receipts, Tasks etc. 

Other emails such as Password reminders and such that cannot be found under that area do not count towards the email quota for your account. 

The other area for emails are those crafted and sent from either you or your supporters. TidyHQ counts each recipient as one email for credits and billing.  

When you send a New Email to a group of Contacts each recipient is counted towards your quota. 

If a Group Message is sent, then each recipient is counted as one email. If one of those recipients responds (albeit automatically with an out-of-office response, or purposely to the whole group) each of their recipients is also counted towards your quota. 

For Group Messaging if you would like to restrict your recipients from replying all we would suggest sending a normal email - where responses can only go back to the sender. Or educate your recipients to reply only to an individual instead of the entire group - we do try our best with this by putting a warning on all group mail emails that - Replies will go to all members within the group

You can see the status of your email quota in the Billing section of the platform - link towards the bottom of the main menu.

Specifically items we don't count are: 

  • Summary Email - the optional Weekly email for administrators
  • Task Note - if someone puts a note to a task, task assignee receives a notification
  • Task Reminder - reminder about a task
  • Payment Notification - payment notification to admin
  • Membership Notification - membership notification to admin
  • Shipment Email - when shop ships products (mark as shipped)
  • Receipt Email - receipt includes PDF attached
  • Tickets Email - when you buy a ticket(s)
  • Contact Us Email - if someone submits Contact Us form
  • Any updates about your pricing plan
  • Welcome emails
  • Signup Email
  • Password related emails
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