Group Messages are similar to Group Emails with one very important difference:

  • A Group Message will allow recipients to Reply To All

Other important features of Group Messages

  • You can use your own email client to send Group Messages (as long as the email address you're sending from is in the Group).
  • You MUST be in the Group to be able to send (and receive)
  • Members of the Group can elect to unsubscribe just from the group (rather than all communications from the Organisation)

Group Message are therefore more suited to smaller groups or specialised groups, such as Committees or working groups.

Group Messages, like other forms of communication within TidyHQ, allow for the message to be scheduled as well as the ability to contain attachments.

Out of Office Responses
When an automatic reply's subject line contains 'Out of Office:' or 'Automatic reply: we restrict it from sending on to others - this is to prevent spamming though these automated responses.

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