There are a number of ways to send invoices for Memberships. They can be sent to:

  1. Individual contacts and/or;
  2. Groups

Sending individual contacts a Membership invoice

  1. Go to Memberships > New Membership (from the green button at the top of the page).
  2. Select the Membership Level 
  3. Select the Contact (or add a new one).
  4. Select if the Membership is Paid, Requires an Invoice or is Paying Now. At this stage, you can also elect to send a Welcome email (as in the Membership Level details), record a Payment Type and record a Partial Payment if required.

Sending a group of contacts a Membership invoice
Sending a Membership Invoice to a Group is basically the same as for an individual except that instead of using "New Membership", you can select Bulk Import from Group.

After selecting the required Membership Level, select from the drop down box which Group you wish to use.

Until a payment is recorded, the Contact's membership status will show as "Partial" in Reports.

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