Chances are, you've got your current members etc in a spreadsheet. If you have, then it's easy to import them into TidyHQ.

You'll first need to have your contacts in a CSV (comma separated value) file. Excel or Libre Office will save any spreadsheet in this format for you.

To import your CSV file, go to Contacts / Import Contacts and select your CSV file.

You can also add the imported Contacts into a Group (if you have multiple membership levels, consider using "one off" group names initially).

You'll then be prompted to match the fields in your file with fields that are in TidyHQ.

You may notice that some of your fields don't match up, that is, you may need to record information such as Region, Rank or something else.

You're going to need Custom Fields.

If you've imported your data and realised it doesn't all fit, you can "Roll Back" - this will delete all the information you've imported. Then you can prepare your Custom Fields and try again.

Additional Notes

Importing Dates
When importing dates, it's import to have them in the correct format. Tidy supports mm/dd/yyyy when importing. If dates are not in the correct format, they will be ignored (if it appears like an impossible date e.g. 22/12/2019 - Tidy would ignore this as there's no such thing as a 22nd month) or imported incorrectly.

If your year is formatted with just the last two numbers e.g. 17 instead of 2017, it will also import incorrectly - showing up as 0017.

Importing Phone Numbers
When importing phone numbers, using the core field (pre-defined by Tidy) for phone will apply the organisations country code to that number.

This allows for SMS functionality (currently unavailable).

We recommend assigning this field to mobile phone numbers from your spreadsheet and assigning land-lines, if you have them, to work phone.

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