What is TIDYHQ?

An online platform that gives you all the tools you need in one place! It puts everything from contacts, communication, events, finances, meetings, memberships, tasks and more – in one stylish platform! Designed not just for you, but for the committee that comes after you.

What you need to know

When you first set up your account you will notice that the options are limited. Head over to the Apps on the left hand sidebar and select and install the apps you may need to get started, eg. Memberships, Events, Shop etc.

How does TIDYHQ help committees? 

Succession planning 

Have you ever taken on the role of Secretary, Treasurer or President where you have received very little information or a sufficient handover from the previous role holder? More than likely you have. With TidyHQ, handovers become far more efficient and effective! TidyHQ is an online platform that stores all of your committee’s information, documents, contacts, finances and more, which makes for handing over information as simple as giving the incoming position holder the same access you had on TidyHQ simply by a click of a button. 

Committee Meetings

The meetings component of TidyHQ is a great benefit for club committees, in particular the secretary. This part of TidyHQ saves a truck load of time, which in turn does not burn out important committee members such as the Secretary. In this section of TidyHQ you can create a meeting which has an Agenda template built-in as shown below.  

The image above is the template for when you start a new meeting. You can set a location, chairperson and minute taker. As you can see there is an Agenda Template below that. This will be blank when you start, however just type in the box and assign an owner and duration for each item and then continue to add agenda items. Please note when assigning a person to a role or ownership they must be added as a contact in your contacts list. 

There is a mechanism in place to attach documents to agenda items. This is fantastic for attaching previous minutes, emails for general correspondence and any other documents that will be a discussion item during your meeting. 

Once you click on ‘Create Meeting’ you can edit the meeting to change the time, location, agenda etc. or you can send invites. This is where you can send your meeting request to your committee and this will be sent as an email with the agenda and all associated attachments that you have included. Your committee will then be able to click ‘Attending’, ‘Maybe’ or ‘Decline’ so you can manage who will be in attendance. You can also print out the agenda by clicking on the down arrow next to ‘Start Meeting’, then click on print details. 

When it comes to your meeting time, the secretary and all other committee members can login to TidyHQ and click on the meeting via the dashboard. Once you are into your meeting, to record your minutes all the secretary needs to do is click on ‘start meeting’. This is where you can add text to each agenda item as shown below. 

When you start adding text you will see a few other text boxes, ‘Decision’ and ‘Tasks’. The decision is where you can add any decision that is made during the meeting that is voted on. This will make it easier to refer back to in the future when looking at the minutes from that meeting. You can also allocate tasks to a committee member and put a due date to it. This section should be used because when you do ‘Actions from previous Minutes’ at your next meeting, all of the tasks assigned during the previous meeting will be compiled on one page which makes it quicker to go through all outstanding action items. All tasks with a due date will appear on your dashboard calendar so it reminds the committee when items need to be actioned by. 

Any tasks allocated to someone will also be sent to them as an email. Once you have compiled your minutes, click ‘save and close’. You can then click on ‘send minutes’ and this will email the invitees the minutes and all attachments. Minutes can also be printed via the same way you can print the agenda. 


A great component of TIDYHQ is the storage of contacts. You can create groups (eg: committee, sponsors, seniors, juniors, coaches etc.) where you can store your contacts. Once again, this is very important for handovers as it will give incoming committee members access to all of the contacts you had without having to prepare a contact list. There is also a communication mechanism in TIDYHQ where you can send emails directly to contacts in your list. However, if you have a club generic email, I would keep utilising this as your primary source of communication to externals. I would recommend the first thing you do is create a Committee Group in your contacts list and add all of your committee members or whoever would regularly be in attendance at committee meetings. This will then give you the ability to assign roles and tasks in the meetings section of TIDYHQ.


The finances section of TIDYHQ allows all committee members who have access to the finance area to get an up to date snapshot of your clubs financial position. You can send an invoice which has an automatic template of your organisational details from data that is filled out in the organisation settings section. You can allocate this invoice to a category so when the money comes in it gets allocated to that category in your financial report. If you set a due date for an invoice to be paid, this will show up on your dashboard calendar so you are constantly aware of when money is due to come in. 

You can also add expenses and deposits and allocate this to a category.  With expenses you can add an attachment, which is important if you need to attach a receipt for proof of purchase. The finance section allows you to do annual financial reports and monthly reports which are great for the Treasurer to bring to meetings. It also allows you to keep track of your budget and your transaction history. 

You can setup online payments through TIDYHQ this is done via ‘Organisation Settings’ and ‘Payment Settings’. You can either connect with Stripe. TIDYHQ does, however, take a service fee (this fee differs dependent on the Plan you are signed up to) for all of these transactions, but it does save time for the Treasurer not having to input income manually into the finance section. Online payments would mainly be for the following: online shop, event tickets and memberships.

Document Storage

The document storage is fantastic to store all important documents which all the committee can access. Not only the current committee but for the committee that comes after you. Consider this component of TIDYHQ similar to a Dropbox. In the image below, there are various categories for storage items.  To make it better, you get 2GB storage absolutely free with the Pro Plan.

Please note: If you are on the Starter plan then the number of apps you are able to install are limited and Storage may not be an option you would select.

The ‘Files’ section you can create folders and store important files (eg: Insurance Document, Grants portfolio, Liquor Licence, Certificate of Incorporation, Licence Agreement etc.), it is important that you store all of these files so that the committee that comes after you can also access all of those files.

The other storage categories are automatically populated - these now appear in Archive. The meetings category in particular, when you send the minutes for a meeting, the attachments from that particular meeting are populated.

*HINT – When you compile your Agenda in a new meeting, always include ‘Actions from Previous Minutes’ as an item and attach the minutes from the previous meeting. This will automatically store these minutes in your Meetings category in your storage area.


You can create events on TIDYHQ. Here you can put an event image, details of the event, ticket pricing (can have multiple levels of pricing eg: member’s ticket, family ticket, early bird etc.) and once again you can add a finance category so any sales that are made automatically get allocated to that category in your finance section. Once you create your meeting this will automatically show on your website (if you choose to do one through TIDYHQ). 

“Designed not just for you, but for the committee that comes after you”

You can also share your event to Facebook and send invites to contacts directly from TIDYHQ. Once your event is published, shared and sent out you can keep track of transactions, attendees and also allocate tasks to people (eg: Promote on Facebook – allocated to xxx). 


If you are looking to create a website through TIDYHQ, it is extremely simple to use and populate. You will have to add ‘Pages’ as an app. In the mini package (free package) you are entitled to 1 x free app download. It is simple to download - all you need to do is click on ‘Apps’ in the left column and find ‘Pages’ and install. Once installed, it will automatically be added as an item in the left column. Populating the website is a little bit of a trial and error approach, but if you spend some time on it, it can look something like the below image (link - https://phcc.tidyhq.com/) .


You can record memberships in the platform. You can create membership levels which is ideal if you have varying membership costs (eg: U10 registration $100, U12 registration $120 etc). You can create registration forms under each membership and also include agreements that need to be read and approved (eg: code of conduct). If you already have an online membership platform through your State Sporting Organisation (eg: SportsTG, MyCricket etc.) there is probably not much need to duplicate this through TIDYHQ. However, if you do not already have this online service I would recommend setting this up with the online payments as it will save a lot of time and effort for Treasurers and Registrars particularly in the pre-season.

Online Shop 

TIDYHQ has an online shop where you can sell merchandise and any other items. This can feature on your website. To use shop you must setup online payments so individuals can order and purchase items anytime and anywhere. You can elect who gets notified when an order has come in so you can order from a supplier if necessary or allocate stock already on-hand to the individual who has ordered a product.

TIDYHQ Packages

TidyHQ has simplified things. There are now only two plans to choose from: Pro and Starter. Check out the inclusions at https://tidyhq.com.

There is a free trial for 30 days on the Pro package and there is also a demo version available for your club to try before you buy.

One Simple Pro Plan, $79/month

Unlock all features with TidyHQ Pro. Run your organisation with everything you need. Pay $79 monthly with no commitment, or $890 annually, for a good discount.

Starter Plan, limited but free

Try the core tools of TidyHQ for free. Great for very small organisations, or solo projects.

Demo Version

You can muck around and create mock events, meetings, invoices etc. to familiarise yourself with the program. Great for trial and error before doing the real thing!


Login - Username: demo@demo.com 

Password – demo123


In conclusion, clubs/organisations need to keep up to date with the current technology that is available.

Club/organisation committees are forever changing, so having a platform that makes handovers and succession planning so much  simpler allows for a smooth transition for incoming committee members.

It’s the smarter way to run your meetings and the smarter way to run your administration.

Think about it, if your club was to lose a long-serving president, secretary or treasurer, would you be able to have someone quickly pick up where they left off?

By kind permission of Tyson Roling, Para Hills Cricket Club

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