With the Zoom integration, you can add video conference links to scheduled meetings in TidyHQ.

Integration requirements

Please note: it is not recommended to connect your Zoom account to multiple TidyHQ accounts if there is sensitive or private information that shouldn't be accessible to all connected portals. 

Install the Zoom integration

  • In your Tidy account, click the App menu item in the main navigation bar. .
  • Search for the Zoom integration, click on it, Add it to your account, then Settings to Authenticate.
  • In the dialogue box, click Connect to Zoom.
  • Enter your Zoom login credentials, then click Sign in.
  • You'll be prompted to grant permission for Zoom for TidyHQ to access your Zoom account. Click Allow.
  • You'll be redirected back to the TidyHQ, where you'll see Zoom appear under Connected Apps. Click Zoom to review your integration permissions, configure new contact exclusions, or link a Zoom user account.

Add a Zoom link to your meetings links

You can add a Zoom videoconference link to your meetings links to automatically create a Zoom meeting when starting a Tidy Meeting. 

  • In your Tidy account, navigate to Meetings.
  • Create a New Meeting and Add your meeting details. 
  • In the Configuration section, click the Add video conference link dropdown menu and select Zoom. 
  • Click Save. 

When you invite your attendees a link to the videoconference will be automatically added to the email and calendar invite.

You can now start your meeting, with Zoom. Share your screen via Zoom while running the meeting to keep everyone on the same page while writing the meeting minutes. 

To Uninstall Zoom

  1. Navigate to the Tools and Apps section and search for Zoom
  2. Open the Zoom App
  3. Click the Remove App option

You can also deauthorize Tidy from Zoom

  1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace
  2. Click Manage > Installed Apps and search for TidyHQ
  3. Click the TidyHQ app
  4. Click Uninstall

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