If this is the first time the Shop has been added to your TidyHQ organisation you'll see an example product in the products list.

Under the Status heading this product is shown as a draft.

Selecting the title of product (highlighted in blue) will show all the details of the Example Product: Tidy Tee.

If you've deleted the Example product you'll see the option to 'Add a product' and 'Create a New Product'. Both will open the new product screen.

How to Add a Product

Step 1

Select 'Create a New Product'.

Step 2

Fill in the relevant product options.

The fields are:

  • Product Name (required)
  • Product Link (required)
  • Sell Price - your price for buyers including any applicable tax
  • Cost Price - your cost price of the item
  • Category (required) - for syncing with your finances. See What are Finance Categories for more.
  • Image/s - upload one or more images. See image size details for more.
  • Details - product description
  • Quantity and Variations if applicable
  • Status - published (live) or draft

Step 3

Select Save.

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