To create a new Event, go to Events > New Event

  1. Enter your Event name or description
  2. Add your Event's "hero image" (for optimal appearance, the image should be approximately 2160Γ—1080px)
    Note: the image may initially show in the Event details as "cropped". If it's the correct dimensions it will, however, display in all its glory. Phew!
  3. Enter the Start/End date and time
  4. Enter a location. You can add an address or landmark (which will be validated by Google Maps), or if you don't want a map on the published event, don't enter a location. To edit how your location displays, check out the article on customizing your event map and location.
  5. If you have a finite number of places available for your Event, e.g. bus trip, enter the number here.
  6. Give your Event a description.
  7. A Schedule can be added e.g. for a seminar but is Optional.
  8. Add paid or free (or no) Tickets.
    Note: if you nominate Paid Tickets, you'll also need to select a CategoryΒ 
  9. Attendee information (either for the Order or each Ticket) can be collected. This information can either be Standard or specially created Custom fields (e.g. Team Names etc).

Once you've created and saved your Event, you'll need to publish it to make it public (and appear on your Public Facing Pages).

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