You can create an Event that is restricted to Members only - even a specific Membership Level.

When setting up your Tickets restrict it to a certain Membership Level or 'Any Level' which will then require the User to login and be an Active Member (of any level).

You can also make it open to all attendees (selecting Any Level) or a specific Membership Level (selecting a Membership Level).

  1. You are now able to add information for the specific Ticket type (this information will appear in the Ticket details).
  2. Add a Sale End Date if there is a cut off date/time for people to RSVP
  3. Set the minimum and maximum ticket limit per order to restrict the amount of this ticket being purchased in a single order. An order is a single checkout process.
  4. Select a specific Membership Level or Any Level, as required, to restrict ticket sales to Members.

All published events will remain viewable to the public.

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