If you need to send an email or message to just members, you can:

There are a number of groups that are pre-installed in TidyHQ when you start:

  • Members
  • Sponsors
  • Suppliers
  • Supporters

If you have already setup your membership levels and have selected to have new members auto added to the Member Group please go straight to step 4 otherwise please read on.

  1. Create a new Group (give it a logical name so it won't be used for something else accidentally)
  2. In Memberships / Reports, run a report to show all Active members
  3. If the list is what you need, select "Add to Group" (grey button on the top right next to Print etc) and add the result to your Group. You can do this multiple times if you have more than one Membership Level.
  4. Select Communicate / New Email and use your Group.

This works particularly well if you've got multiple Membership Levels.

Note: If Members have elected not to be subscribed for messages, they will not receive the email (even though they are in the Group).

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