The event location is highly customisable to help attendees get to your event as easily as possible.

You can customise:

  1. The name of the location

  2. The displayed address

  3. The location of the pin drop

The only requirement is that the first address you select is a Google Maps address.

An example

My event is going to be held at the "The Hub" on Level 2 at 696 Bourke St, Melbourne, Australia.

I've entered "The Hub" as my event location. The search results aren't showing The Hub in Melbourne because it's not a recorded location in Google Maps. Apparently Google doesn't know everything!ย 

To get around this, I know the street address is 696 Bourke St, so I'll start with that instead.

If I saved the location now, guests won't know what the venue is called or that it's on Level 2. It would just show like this:

So, what can I do to improve the location details?

By default, this is how my location settings look:

I'll change two things:

  1. Name of the location

  2. Location address

The first change is naming the location "The Hub". I've replaced the default name "696 Bourke St" with "The Hub".

The second change is adding "Level 2" to the street address. I've typed "Level 2" into the Location Address box so my guests know they need to go to level 2.

If the pin location on the map wasn't accurate, I would drag it to the right spot, showing my guests exactly where to go.

Now that I've got the name and location right, I've saved it and checked it out on the public side. Here it is and everything is spot on!

I hope your events are really successful and that all your guests find your venues with ease :)

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