Create a Stripe Account

For more information on creating your Stripe account, check out their very handy and easy to understand Help File or to find out if Stripe is available in your country.

Once you've got your Stripe account ready to roll, simply go to Organisation Settings / Payment Settings and select Stripe Payments.

From here, just click the big blue "Connect with Stripe" button and you're redirected to the Stripe site to finalise the connection.

If you've already got a Stripe account set up, then use the "Already have a Stripe Account? Login" link at the top right of the page.

How does the Stripe set up look to the public?

The other benefit of Stripe + TidyHQ is that it's completely integrated in to the checkout process. This means your members or guests will be able to pay without being redirected to a third party. They'll be able to see their purchase total and pay by card completely within your site.

Here's an example of what event ticket buyers would see at checkout with Stripe as your payment gateway:

PLEASE NOTE: As of December 2019 the PayPal Payment Gateway is no longer supported by the TidyHQ Platform.

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