Step 1

To enable your contacts to access your TidyHQ Public Page, you need to provide them with the browser address. In this example it is: as highlighted in the image.

Step 2

To log in for the first time your contacts will need to click on the Log In button at top right of their screen. See image below.

Step 3

They will be prompted to enter their email address (ensure there are no spelling mistakes). This is important because if a contact forgets their password, they will be requested to enter their email address to enable a password reset email to be sent to them. Then click on Next.

They will receive a text box which indicates the system doesn't recognise the email address. They are then asked if they would like to create an account. They proceed and are requested to enter their first and last names.

They are advised that they will be invited to input their password later and that an email will be sent to that address to create the password.

They are then directed straight to their account. However, when they leave the site they will not be able to re-enter unless they set up their password as indicated in the following steps.

Step 4

The contact will receive an email prompting them to create a password for their new TidyHQ account login (again ensure there are no spelling mistakes).

Step 5

The contact will now need to set their password by clicking on the Set Password button highlighted in blue. This will then provide them with a Set Password pop up box. Once completed (ensure the spelling of password is correct in both fields) and click on the blue Update button. This will set the password and enable the contact to login to their TidyHQ account.

Step 6

The contact will now be asked to select the organisation they wish to connect to.

Step 7

Click on the Organisation they belong to, for example we are using East West Fibre Arts (highlighted in blue).

The contact will see their initials at the right-hand top of the page which indicates they are now logged in to their TidyHQ site. Depending on the information the administrator has made public they will see this listed on the next line above the image. In this case, Memberships and Events.


Your contacts should be advised to take note of the email addresses and the passwords they log in with as this will be the only way they will be able to access their accounts in the future and make any changes to their email addresses and passwords.

If a contact wishes to change their login email address please refer to the article: Change Login Email Address.

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