People are busy. They like to do lots of different stuff all of the time. At TidyHQ we want people to be able to connect with all their different groups around the place and know what’s going on, when it’s going on.

That’s why we created a single place for people to manage what they’re doing and who they’re doing it with.

To achieve that, we created the TidyHQ Account and Organisation Contact Profile model.

The TidyHQ Account the single place, the single log in. And the Contact Profiles are all the connectors between all the different groups. Hold on, this might get a bit technical – but we’ve added a colourful picture just in case!

A TidyHQ Account is unique to the TidyHQ Platform. This account is linked to a unique email address, the Account email address. The Account email address is the email address that is used to log in to TidyHQ. A TidyHQ account can have many Contact Profiles and Connections with many organisations. When an a TidyHQ Account Connects with an Organisation, a Contact Profile is created in that Organisation.

A Contact Profile is unique to an organisation. When a TidyHQ Account connects with an organisation, a contact profile is created. Administrators can also manually create Contact Profiles (typically when importing contacts). The Contact Profile contains a contact email address that is used for all communications between the organisation and that account.

Changes made to the Contact email address do not affect the Account email. This means that administrators do not have control over how people log in to TidyHQ, they only have control over communications with that person - their contact information.

Check out our bright illustration for clarification!

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