We get asked this question a lot, so let's explain!

Have you ever experienced a problem with having 10 or even 2 people responsible for a task? It's difficult to rally a group of people, let alone volunteers together as time keeps running thin. When time runs short, someone needs to make sure the work gets done. Without this individual accountability, there can be an inclination for people to assume or expect someone else to do the work (recall the old group assignment days 😑 ).

Therefore having only one person assigned to a task is actually by design. There are a number of case studies and research that back up this logic.

Microsoft, Harvard, Google, Apple and others, also limit tasks to one person, as it's proven to be much better for an organisation to be able to look to one individual to have responsibility to get something done rather than a team of people.

How can our whole team be involved in a task?

The secret is Followers.

In TidyHQ you'll assign a Task to one individual then if required, that Task can have multiple Followers. One person is responsible while others are included in the task (through being marked as Followers).

If you've created a task while taking Meeting Minutes you can add Followers to tasks after the meeting has finished, within the Tasks section of TidyHQ.

TidyHQ is all about great teamwork to build your community. We've learnt that accountability and transparency help teams succeed and that tasks assigned to one person are a great way to do that! There's usually method to our madness 😁 . We hope you find success through this approach to tasks. ✅ 

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